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Being a parent is the most important, rewarding, and life-changing commitment most people will ever experience. it is our great joy to support you in this beautiful journey. Please read on to learn more.


Nation Wide Egg Donation takes great pleasure in participating in the experience of helping couples through the egg donation and surrogacy processes.

Working With an Egg Donor

Working with an egg donor is a special and unique process for all involved.

Working With a Surrogate

The relationship between a prospective parent or couple and a surrogate is a very special one.

Fees Explained

Wondering how fees and compensation for egg donation or surrogacy work?

Access to Donor Database

Access to Donor Database


Your future family begins today. Contact us to see how easy it is to begin viewing donor and surrogate profiles!

Why Choose Egg Donation?

If a couple cannot be helped through procedures such as in vitro fertilization, they may want to consider using donor eggs.
Donor eggs -- and sometimes donor embryos -- allow an infertile woman to carry a child and give birth.
You might be a candidate for donor eggs if you have any of these conditions:

Premature ovarian failure, a condition in which menopause has started much earlier than usual, typically before age 40

Diminished ovarian reserve, meaning that the eggs that you have are of low quality;
this is often caused by age, because fertility drops off steeply after 40.

Genetically transmitted diseases that could be passed on to your child

A previous history of failure with IVF, especially when your doctor thinks that the quality of your eggs may be the problem

Working with an Egg Donor

The use of donor eggs is becoming more common, especially among women over 40. In 2010, about 11% of all assisted reproduction techniques used donor eggs. And the technique enjoys the highest success rate of all fertility procedures. In addition, women using fresh embryos (not frozen), have a higher chance of getting pregnant in each cycle.

The process starts by contacting NWED for the assistance in finding an Egg Donor. Pictures along with the Donor's application are accessible on-line through our special access area. You may view donor's pictures and profile free of charge. If we do not currently have the specific ethnicity or donor you are looking for, just let our office know what criteria you are looking for (eye, hair, height, ethnicity, etc.) and we would be more than happy advertise for you (anonymously) free on your behalf for obligation to use our agency.

Most of our Donors are willing to travel to your area for the retrieval unless otherwise stated on our website. The Intended Parent will then make their selection on which Donor they would like to work with and notify NWED.

NWED will contact the Donor chosen, making sure the time frame works for her and that she wishes to proceed with the cycle. Once the Donor confirms her availability we will send your Physician the Donor’s profile and past cycle medical records, if she is a repeat donor, for your Physician's approval. Upon Physician's approval and both parties agreeing to proceed forward, the "Ovum Donation Services Agreement With Intended Parents" contract will be sent out first to the Donor and then to the Intended Parents.

Intended Parents have 7 days to return the signed contracts, along with fees due, to NWED. The Donor will begin her Egg Donor process first by going to the appointed Psychologist for her psychological evaluation, as well as taking the MMPI test.

Why Choose Surrogacy?

You may consider a surrogate for several reasons:

Medical problems with your uterus

You had a hysterectomy that removed your uterus

Conditions that make pregnancy impossible or risky for you, such as severe heart disease

You tried but couldn't get pregnant with a variety of assisted-reproduction techniques, such as IVF.

You are not be able to adopt a child, perhaps because of their age and marital status

You are a single man, or a gay couple, who wishes to start a family and raise a child

Working with a Surrogate

Surrogacy is a process by which a woman agrees to become pregnant by embryo transfer for another individual or couple, commonly referred to as the intended parents. Surrogacy, particularly gestational surrogacy, is a form of IVF whereby the embryo is transferred to a woman other than the egg donor. The process of using a gestational surrogate to help build your family typically involves two-steps.

  1. Development of the embryos by IVF (in vitro fertilization).
  2. >Replacement of the embryos in the gestational carrier.

At Nation Wide Egg Donation & Surrogacy, we specialize in providing customized advice, support and consultation to help intended parents find a gestational surrogate. We help you find and/or screen a surrogate mother and provide legal consultation referrals to specialized reproductive health lawyers and act as liaison for you and your surrogate for the full term of her pregnancy.

Fees Explained

For additional questions about fees or compensation, please Contact Us.

Egg Donor Cycle Fees

Ovum Donor's Compensation: Variable
Since we cannot "price set" a donors compensation with the new laws that have passed we can only "suggest" to donors to charge between $5,000-$15,000 for participation. If a Donor's compensation is above your price point we can always ask your selected donor if she is willing to negotiate her compensation to a lower amount if needed.

NWED Agency Fee: $7,000
Our goal is to see you through the egg donation process from beginning to transfer! Our agency fee includes (non-medical) per-screening, case management and legal contracts for the Donor and Recipient Couple. Our Agency Program Fee is a flat fee and will allow you to select up however many donors until you reach the egg retrieval stage.

Hold Fee: $500
We understand that selecting your donor is a huge decision to make and encourage our couples to not feel rushed or pressured into selecting their donor. We offer a $500 hold fee charge that is non -refundable which allows our couples a 7 day hold on the donor of their choice. We will then put the $500 hold fee toward the agency fee. The $500 is per "donor hold" and is not transferable to another donor or couple.

Donor Complication Insurance: $400
Covers the Donor if any complications were to occur up to $250,000.

Psychological Evaluation & MMPI Test: $450
A one hour Psychological Evaluation with an appointed Psychologist and administration of Donor's MMPI test. (Fee's range depending what state the Psychological Evaluation is administered in).

Egg Donor Expense Fund (not used for interstate travel): $800
An expense fund is developed to pay for the Donor's expenses related to participation in the program. This includes but is not limited to $.48 per mile traveled to and from appointments, hotel fees if Donor is traveling more than 100 miles each way to make appointments, childcare, tolls, and loss of wages from work due to participating in her donor cycle. Any funds remaining in expense account after Donor's cycle is finished, and expense account is closed out, will be refunded to Recipient Couple.

Travel Account: Variable
If Donor needs to travel to Intended Parent's state for retrieval (approximate cost of $2,800 based on 7 days of travel). This account includes expenses for donors daily transportation, food allowance ($50 per day), hotel accommodations and round trip air fair for Donor and companion. We use a third party travel agency to book most of the Donor's travel arrangements. Third Party Travel Connection charges $80 - $100 for making the travel arrangements.

Approximate Total: $14,500

** Out of state travel expenses not included
** Based on a donor compensation of $5,500
** Additional costs are paid by Recipient Couple and need to be added to the above price for Donor's travel, medical screening, medication, lab work, Physician fee's, and any other Donor medical bills related to this process. You will need to consult the clinic you are working with for these fees.

Surrogate Cycle Fees

Surrogate Compensation: $30,000 - $60,000 (estimated)
Nation Wide Egg Donation and Surrogacy is committed to your success and we realize Surrogacy can be extremely expensive. If your first surrogacy cycle is not successful your first try, you will be able to try again up to 3 transfers with the same surrogate without having to pay an additional agency fee.

Approximate fees to expect when working with a surrogate average $120,000 - $140,000

Law Firm:
Michelle Leverton Attorney at Law
with Vorzimer Masserman

Once your surrogate has been medically cleared by the Physician you are working with, you may call the law firm and begin with the legal contracts.

$7,000.00 (surrogacy contract)
$1,500.00 (trust management)
$4,000.00 (finalization fees - not due until the end of the surrogate's first trimester of pregnancy)
** Optional Reproductive Estate Plan $2,000.00

~ Please consult with Attorney Michelle M Leverton at Vorzimer Masserman
818.999.1950 |

All fees for listed services are subject to change. Please call and confirm updated fees with the Vorzimer Masserman

 Law Firm fees to be set up and paid directly to:
Vorzimer Masserman
23035 Ventura Blvd.,
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Phone:  (818) 999-1950|

Legal Fees for Surrogate’s Representation

~ Legal review fee for surrogate $1,500.00
~ Translator fee if needed

Approximate Total: $78,000 (based on $45,000 base fee for surrogate)
** additional cost for surrogates health insurance premiums, medications, monthly incidentals, maternity clothing allowance, etc. are not included
approximate cost of working with a surrogate runs $95,000

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If you are a prospective parent or have any questions about the process, please get in touch via one of the methods on our contact page or simply click the button below to email us now.