To be an Egg Donor…

Participating in the process of helping a young family fulfill its dream is a beautiful endeavor. In return, young parents have the joy of helping you achieve your dreams.

I absolutely love Nation Wide Egg Donation. I have worked Tiffany Valentine for the past 5 years. She is an amazing coordinator. Tiffany is so great at keeping you comfortable through the process of donating. Nation Wide makes your cycles easy and smooth. Being a donor for this company has been extremely rewarding. I am pleased when finding out my recipients have gotten pregnant. I highly recommend donating for Nation Wide Egg Donation. Donor T.G. from California

Successful donor candidates should have the following attributes:

Be between the ages of 21 to 30

Have regular monthly menstrual cycles

Have good ovarian reserve as measured by a blood FSH level

Have two ovaries

Have Good family health history (Self, Mother, Father, Siblings etc.)

Have Normal BMI (Body Mass Index under 30)

Have No genetic/ hereditary diseases that run in family

No tattoos or piercings within the last year

Have not traveled in the past 6 months to locations that have Zika virus

Be able to administer daily medications for approx. 2 weeks – videos on how to administer medications at at

The Egg Donor Experience

From the time the couple decides to work with you, both parties (Donor and Recipient Couple) will enter into a contract disbursed by NWED to work together (anonymously). From this point forward the couple pays for all expenses related to the "Egg Donation" process for the Donor. If you are currently taking the pill for birth control you will be asked to stop taking it at this time.

The first step after being chosen by a couple is to meet with the Psychologist for a psychological evaluation. This is to make sure that you are of sound mind and that this is emotionally appropriate for you. Assuming that the Psychologist approves your capability to move forward, then you will go on to work with a fertility clinic.

The first appointment with the fertility clinic will be for your cycle day three test or your initial monitoring appointment (which consist of a consultation with the physician, a physical, medical screening, blood drawn to check for HIV, Hepatitis as well as for other communicable diseases, a urine sample for drug screening and possibly a culture for STD's. Whichever is first, all three must be completed before you can start on your fertility medication and proceed to the retrieval.

After all the medical screening is complete, the Doctor will walk you through the process and inform you how and when to begin taking the fertility medication. The fertility drugs are administered by injection that you do yourself in the convenience of your own home 1-2 times a day for approx. 2 weeks (variations of administering fertility medications vary from clinic to clinic). While on fertility medication you may not engage in any physical activity such as exercise and must refrain from sexual activities until first menstrual cycle after retrieval (usually 10-14 days after retrieval).

The final procedure will consist of the retrieval of the eggs. At this time you will fly out to where the Recipient Couple that you are working with is located for approx. 5-9 days (all expenses paid by the Recipient). You will go into the clinic that you are working with daily for monitoring, and they will let you know what day exactly will be your retrieval day. The surgery takes about 30-40 minutes.

Recovery time varies from person to person, but most Donors fly home the next day if they were required to travel for the retrieval. Full recovery takes about 10-14 days or until you get your first menstrual cycle after your retrieval. Medical procedures may vary from Doctor to Doctor. Any and all questions remaining should be addressed to your assigned Doctor on your first visit.

How Does Compensation Work?

You will receive an initial compensation, based upon your chosen fee

You may expect to ask for an increased compensation for additional donations, if qualified

If travel is required all travel cost are in addition to your compensation

You may make up to six (6) total donations

Additional benefits related to the donation process may be provided

Understanding Compensation

Donors are generally compensated $6,000 for their first donation. Since we cannot "price set" your compensation we can only "suggest" to request between $6,000-$10,000+ for participation in our program. Your compensation increases once you have donated and have done well. The compensation fee is on a per cycle basis, not per egg retrieved. After each cycle is complete donors must wait two to three months before another donation cycle.

Depending on the prospective parent(s) who choose to work with you, you may be required to travel 5-8 days at the end of your cycle and possibly once at the beginning of your cycle. Travel and expenses related to the donation cycle are to be paid by the prospective parent(s).


If you would like to apply to become an egg donor or have questions about the process, please get in touch via one of the methods on our contact page or simply click the button below to email us now.


To watch videos on how to administer the fertility medications Freedom Drugs has provided a set of videos to watch. Please go to and select the medication you would like to watch.